Service Catalog

As your property manager we offer practical and simple integral services to carry out a transparent and organized administration of your property, managing all your expenses and services. To provide you with a better service, we now have at your disposal My Member Portfolio, a space specially designed for all our owners-members on our website, where you can now access your personal account, to consult your property or properties and see your expenses, your rental income, property calendar & see in detail all the services that have been paid, check your balance, add reservations and other special features. Also this year it was possible to add online payment directly on our website, an easy and simple way that will allow you from any place to process deposits to your balance account for expenses. This platform is available to you from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet and at any time, our accounting staff keeps all the charges up to date so that your information is always updated.

Albago Estates Property Management

Payment of services:

  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Property Taxes
  • Plate renewal
  • Trusts; etc.

Assistance in hiring or lowering services :

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs *
  • Gardening Service *
  • Housekeeping *
  • Control of keys and access to your property
  • Immigration Procedures *
  • Home, Auto and Life Insurance *

Please notice services marked (*) may incur on an extra fee *    or may not depending on the time it requires if it’s an administrative procedure. In case of repairs or special works in the unit, this will be at owner’s expense with a previous quote for material & man works.

The services marked (°) are services that require and external supplier, we can recommend you the companies that we trust and have done successful transactions with in the past; we will make the connection for you, until we conclude each transaction.

We are not responsible for the rates or services offered by any of the service partners that we recommend we will not hold any responsibility for third parties.

Maid Service Albago Estates

Maid Services 

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Cleaning service & Supervision
  • Laundry service* 

We have this service to be granted by our company, we have a great cleaning team, all highly responsible. Most with Basic English and some more fluent. They have the experience & training in cleaning standards and procedures in order to provide your unit with a quality, discreet and reliable service. 

You may already have a cleaning person, if we provide the service through your monthly administration, 2 cleanings are included, we recommend, 1 per week, for the weather conditions in Puerto Vallarta, high temperatures, dust and moisture. 

The extra cleanings carry a cost per unit size, you can check our price catalog & schedules(contains prices x season, day Sunday, and cleanouts).

You, your guests, & rents can request additional services as long as they are paid and within the available hours. 

Our maids are all hired with a legal contract, with all required national laws for employees, to ensure they receive; proper wages work contract & benefits; as well as corresponding Taxes, for the legal protection of both homeowners and employees.



Our garden service is included in your administration, including plant watering once a week, and monitoring for pests. Any extra needs or food that your plants require will be informed to you for with a cost estimate for your approval.

If your plants require more care they can be integrated into the special care gardening roll, which has an extra charge. But your plants will receive more personalized attention twice a week, pest control and aesthetic cut.

Maintenance Albago Estates


How we work : Every time we do an inspection in your unit and a minor or urgent damage is noticed , We will inform you with a photographic report , we are at your service to give you a quote and make the repairs throughout our maintenance team , or if necessary through an external supplier.   All works are subject to owner’s authorization by written form. If you accept our quote Albago Estates will add any expenses that may have incurred to your owners balance statement.

When your unit is participating in the rental pool, this service feature comes very handy since qualified personal is always on sight to attend any needs from your own rentals, guest or any guest book through our reservations team; we can guarantee quick and efficient attention to all inquiries in order to provide effective solutions.

  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Maintenance Monthly Inspection (Included)
  • Water Damage supervision and repairs (w/ charge)
  • Maintenance for A/c by yearly schedule ( w/extra charge)*
  • Preventive care & Supervision
  • Remodelings (w/extra charge)