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Our Real Estate expert Alfredo Barragán González is owner & director of Albago Estates, his experience and awareness of the real estate market, rentals and Administration business has been acquired over the years of working with owners, buyers and sellers. In many different scenarios that has allowed him to gain knowledge and offer you many strategies for the best results, in your real estate needs and or transactions, many clients have become longtime friends over the years because of his way to conduct business.

Albago Estates has built a respectable reputation in consequence most clients it holds have been referred, within friends & clients; we believe that’s the best presentation card and that’s why “the voice of your satisfaction is our success”, was chosen as our company slogan. Once you use our services for the first time we feel responsible to offer you solutions and facilitate the process, understanding your purchasing needs or selling purposes helps us give you the attention and service you expect from us.


We feel when a client returns for a second transaction or for other services, our service offer expectations have been met. When you come to Albago Estates you have the assertiveness of having the best service team, since AE has built solid relationships with many real-estate transaction collaborators such as:

  • Notaries
  • Property Evaluators Expertise
  • Closing coordinators
  • Escrow Companies
  • Lawyers that work for the company AE
  • Trustees


Alfredo is well known to help clients find the right home at the best price , bringing to the table buyer and sellers, his organized structure is unique making everything clear and having an easy go process, letting you know you are in the right hands , leave it to his expertise and Sales Team staff.
Whether you are trying to sell or purchase he can always be a trustful reference and a reliable property manager to come for answers. He is strong and well known in the Marina Vallarta area & Hotel zone, but is limitless when the services are required, he is a self-taught person and his professionalism and service orientated values always allow him to deliver clients expectations.

For more information please contact to Evely Plazola:


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