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Alfredo Barragán is the owner and CEO of Albago Estates, as well as our resident Real Estate expert. His experience and knowledge of the real-estate market, rentals and management comes from the numerous years he's spent working with property owners, buyers and sellers. This allows us to offer you the most efficient strategies to achieve the most profitable results in all your real estate needs. Because of the way we conduct business, many clients have come to be longtime friends over the years.

Albago Estates has forged a reputation throughout the years to the point where most of our clients have been referred by family and friends. We believe this is one of the best presentation cards a company can have and the embodiment of our motto "your satisfaction is the voice of our success.". When doing business with you, we feel responsible to offer the most efficient solutions to facilitate the process of your purchase or sale.

We know our service expectations have been met when a client returns to hire other services or perform another real-estate operation; this happens most of the time. When you lean on Albago Estates to provide your real-estate solutions, you possess the assurance of receiving the most efficient service from a most competent team; as we have established solid relationships with partners such as:

  • Notaries
  • Property Evaluators
  • Closing Coordinators
  • Escrow Companies
  • Attorneys at Law
  • Trustees


Albago Estates is known to help their clients obtain their ideal home at an ideal price. Our organized structure is unique in providing a clear and easy process. Whether you want to sell or purchase a property, Albago Estates will remain a trustful reference and a reliable property manager to secure you assistance. Albago Estates operates principally in the Marina Vallarta area and Hotel Zone, but we don't establish a range to provide our services.

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