Long Term Rentals

Owners Interest:

When renting your unit for long term, we make sure to investigate we compromise with trusting tenants that can qualify to stay in your unit and can present all the requirements. We will make sure to ask for all documentation required for pre-qualification, once you approve the rental we will proceed to paperwork, contract and pre-occupation procedures.

Protect your Investment

We keep a picture file & video record, on the last condition’s the unit was turned in, if your place is furnished we will update a list & photo inventory, one for Tenants, and one for your owner file record.

The unit will be turned in cleaned, previous to occupation the tenant may report any suggestions or repairs needed for your approval, once an agreement has been settled, and contracts have been signed the unit will be turned in. Your rental will be collected by our administrative department as agreed on the contract.

As stated on the rental contract our personal will be authorized to revise your unit when required, (normally) every 6 months and before any extension of the rental to ensure the good behavior of tenets and well keeping of your unit.

Tenants Interest:

As a tenant, you will have our company for any assistance regarding the unit, repairs, and a full-time office to report any situations that may incur during your stay and have the guarantee you will be assisted, (responsibilities will be designated, upon previously signed contract). Most long term rentals if not all start at 12 month period, with the option to renovate. We will work as an intermediary for both owner & tenant, always establishing a formal and clear communication between both parties.

Responsibilities are held from both parts and are to be met. If in the process you wish to upgrade your rental unit or present a purchase offer to the owner, we stand at your service to continue to represent you in any real estate transactions.