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When you take a decision as important as listing your property for rent, it is crucial that someone has your back. You need the support of people with expensive experience and knowledge to ensure your investment generates favorable results. It's as substantial that you investment generates income for you as it is keeping it protected. Having the right team makes this an easy way to generate another source of income, and we take care of everything so you can have peace of mind in the process.


Request services needed

FIRST / Request services needed

When registering your property, the first thing you need to do is talk to our property executives and rentals team, so we can learn more about the service you require, answer any questions you have and ease the enrollment of your property. Our executive will let you know the requirements for vacation rentals to make sure your unit is suitable, and you meet them all.


Required paperwork

SECOND / Required paperwork

We'll ask for a few requirements from you. Firstly we'll ask you for an inventory that includes the contents of your property. With this, we'll create a digital inventory for your unit's file so that our team can verify the contents. Last but not least, we will have you sign the subscription of your property and permits necessary for its promotion, as well as your consent to represent you.


Subscription payment

THIRD / Subscription payment

The subscription to our rental marketing program has a cost of $280 USD, which includes professional photography for our website, social media, magazines and other marketing diffusers that our company uses and in which your property will be published and promoted.

1st year fee $280 USD

2nd year and after $99 USD p/year

It includes the attention of:

  • Rental team force on demand Mon–Sat. We deliver attention and integral solutions to all requests. We work everyday on all marketing platforms to generate more exposure for all units.
  • Concierge 12/7-365: We offer transportation services to all our clients and services like grocery shopping before or after airport pick-up (at an extra cost).
  • Online rental agents (business hours).
  • Supervisor-payment division, all incomes- on office sight.
  • A vanguardist online reservation system, self-booking. 24/7-365
  • Promotion on alternative rental sites.

We promote all rental properties, on our company website, booking platforms and directly. Online payments & calendars are managed and updated with a channel manager for synchronicity.


Schedule appointment w/ property executive and pictures

FOURTH / Schedule appointment w/ property executive and pictures

Once we've completed all the listing requirements and the first visit to your property it will be approved to be listed. We will schedule a photoshoot so that you have the best pictures of your unit for promotion.


Aside from the services mentionted above we also offer our concierge at your service during business hours at no extra cost, as a thank you for allowing us to be your manager.

This feature excludes late check-ins or when there is a rental agreement between you and your guest. If this is the case, we can still offer the service with a moderate fee of $20 USD. Arrivals after business hours will have an additional $15 USD fee.

  • After business hours are considered from 5:45-9:00 pm.
  • If you decide to promote your unit for rental and we do not manage it, please consider the information below:
  • It is crucial that the unit is cleaned before the guests arrive so our concierge can go through with the pre-arrival inspection. If you have your own cleaner/s we must have their contact information.
  • If you require your cleaner to provide the services promised to the guest during their stay, they must adjust to the date schedule by the guest. If you decide you require this service to be provided by our personnel, we may provide it at an additional cost and clean the unit again after check-out.

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