Booking Policies

Booking Policies

When booking online please make sure your selected date and property are correct. It is also advised to coordinate your flight arrangements with your booking. Once your payment is received, you will hold a brief time frame to change your reservation dates without a penalty fee. You can address any question or inquiries to our rental agents.

If you notice any errors in your booking, please e-mail us immediately at or call our toll-free number 604-288-7874.

Payment Conditions

The initial payment consists of fifty percent of the total reservation cost, which must be paid in advance or on the booking date. If your payment is not received by then, our system will cancel the booking immediately and you will possess no right to claim. You may request to re-arrange for the corresponding unit, but you will be conditioned to pay at the moment.

Balance payment will be due thirty days before the arrival date, if your payment is not received by then your reservation will be cancelled. If any situation interferes with you concluding your payment, please let us know at

*Any bookings made within sixty days from the arrival date shall be paid in full on the booked date.

Security deposits for any damages that occur during your stay are mandatory to be paid in cash at your arrival. Please notice this charge on your booking confirmation, which is refundable at your departure after revising the unit and its contents. This deposit will be refunded in cash at the end of your rental period as long as no damages are reported by our concierge. They will also examine the unit previous to your arrival. If you notice any damages please report it to our concierge as soon as possible to prevent you from being held responsible.

*The lessee releases the owner and Albago Estates from any liability in case of accidents, theft or any other inconvenience during the stay of the guest on the property.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Direct Bank
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Bank and commission fees apply*

Booking Date Modifications

IIf you need to modify your reservation, it is necessary you contact our agents at reservaciones@albagoestates.comIf your new dates are available, you will receive a confirmation letter.

If you need to reduce your stay, you will also need to contact our rental agents. One or two-night reductions are allowed within a period of seven days after your booking without a penalty. If you need to reduce more than two nights, please contact our reservations department for assistance. After this period, no reductions will be accepted, and it will be handled as a cancellation..

Cancelation time frames apply.

Rate Notice

All rates are in American Dollars. The price showcased in your confirmation will represent your rate. The rate that appears on your confirmation letter will represent your definite price (bank fees are not included). There will be no discounts, compensations or special considerations of any type. Rates can change at any given moment without previous notification, but once you receive confirmation your rate will be unmodified.

Any unit that receives a discount will be advertised with it and will only be applicable for the dates promoted.

Important:Any error detected will be modified to reflect the accurate information and you will receive an updated confirmation with the correct pricing and underlining the correct information. Errors can appear on availability, rates and other. The rental agent is entitled to inform you where the mistake was made and procedures to follow.

Please note: when a unit has its own booking policy that’s more restrictive than ours the property’s personal policy will replace ours. Same applies for damage deposit policies. This information is included in your reservation confirmation under property policies.

Cancelation Policies and Time Frames

As beachfront destinations are regularly booked one or even two years in advance, we recommend you purchase vacation insurance. All booking cancellation requests must be expressed in written form to

If the tenant cancels the present reservation, they will yield the amount delivered as deposit.

If the reservation is cancelled seventy-five days prior to the arrival, the owner and the management team will seek to lease the property during the dates reserved by the tenant. In this case they will be reimbursed the deposit minus a twenty percent penalty charge. If the owner or the management team aren’t able to lease the property on the dates reserved by the tenant, the security deposit will not be refundable.

If the tenant cancels his reservation withing a period of less than seventy-five days before their arrival, the owner will be unresponsible for reimbursing the money received.

Reservations may be transferred to a family member or friend as long as the tenant oversees this transaction by forwarding their information and respecting maximum occupancy. This must be notified to the reservations department in order for a new confirmation is processed. Otherwise, this process won’t be valid.

In the event you are not able to transfer this reservation we can assist you in finding another client for the same time period. If this happens fifty percent of the money received from you will be refunded after the new reservation has paid their initial deposit.

You may not, by any circumstances, sublease the property.

Natural Disasters, Climate Limitations and Late Arrivals

What happens when my flight is cancelled or postponed because of weather conditions?If this were to occur, you will maintain your reservation with Albago Estates. However, you will not possess the right to extend or modify the stipulated departure date or be entitled to a refund for the nights lost.

What happens with my booking when the airport is shut down due to hurricane alerts, weather phenomena or natural disasters if it does not affect my departing city?

The decisions pondered by the government or private institutions that affect your arrival will not be motive to hold Albago Estates liable for any inconvenience or expenses that apply. You will possess no right to claim tender of possession for whatever reason caused your tardy arrival as they are beyond our reach. There will be no reason to request reimbursement, cancellation, replacement of lost dates or particular considerations.

What happens if I can’t fly and my reservation has expired?

If any exceptions on our behalf are to be applied, this will exclusively be with an approved authorization of the homeowner. Since the criteria from owner to owner differ, this is not a guarantee. We are invariably in the most sympathetic disposition to assist all our clients.

Rules and Regulations

The tenant agrees to maintain the property in good conditions and grant appropriate use of the home/room. The tenant also agrees to respect and abide by the rules and regulations established by the development for the unit they have leased. Under no circumstances will the tenant sublease the property.